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Grobag Newborn Swaddling

Many newborns love the gentle pressure and secure feeling of being swaddled, soothing them to sleep in the first few weeks. Grobag swaddling is a cotton wrap that is specially designed to make swaddling simple.

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Using Grobag swaddling can help with safe sleep as parents put swaddled babies on their back, while also reducing the effect of the moro reflex which is the tendency for newborns to startle themselves by suddenly moving their arms. Swaddling can also help ease the discomfort of colic in those early weeks. All of which mean peace of mind and a better nights sleep for you.

How to swaddle your baby
To get the most benefit out of your grobag swaddling, make sure that you swaddle tightly enough for your baby to feel secure, but not too tight to be constrictive. To check that you have not swaddled your baby too tightly, ensure that you can slide your fingers down the top of the wrap.

- Suitable for 0-3 months
- 100% cotton
- Free from studs, straps & buttons
- Machine wash @ 40C

3 designs available - Blossom Fair, A Little Adventure, Grand Day Out

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