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Alanber Bath Floaty


Theraline Pregnancy Pillow

The secret of cushion-soft comfort during pregnancy and for years to come! Towards the end of your pregnancy, you'll want as much rest as possible, at a time when comfort can seem illusive. Theraline's unique pillow gives you that comfort you crave now, plus vital support once your baby comes.

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Designed in a gentle curve, the Theraline pillow is ideal to cuddle up to, supporting you and your bump with it's feather-light filling of thousands of mini or micro pearls. Theraline® unique polystyrene is supportive, warm, breathable and because of its unique patented treatment doesn't give off a nasty smell near baby's face, like some.

What's more, it is anti-allergenic, washable at 60°C and recommended by midwives and health professionals. No wonder it's the No 1 nursing pillow in many European countries! Once baby has arrived, you'll find the arc shape creates a perfect loving hug for breast or bottle feeding, supporting baby's weight to prevent sore arms and shoulders and helping you, Daddy or whoever is feeding, achieve a good posture, without having to scrabble around for sofa cushions!

Made in Germany.

* Removable machine washable covers in a variety of designs
* Both cover and pillow machine washable at 60C
* Additional covers available separately
* Meets UK fire prevention requirements
* Stringent TOX PROOF
* CE standards - meaning all components are free from nasty chemicals.

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