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Every month, BabyGro recommends a best seller for you to try. This month, Alanber Bath Floaty for easy bathing!

Alanber Bath Floaty


Fertile Mind Footless Maternity Tights View full size

Fertile Mind Footless Maternity Tights

Designed to delight in fit, feel and quality, these over-belly maternity tights feel snug and secure. Perfect for an extra layer during the winter months or in spring and autumn for a casual style update. One size fits all.

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* Popular winter wardrobe basic;
* Gorgeous fit, pregnant or not;
* Overbelly for warmth and comfort and so stretchy!
* Flattering 70 denier opaque fabric;
* Cotton gusset for breathability;
* 89% microfibre nylon, 9% spandex, 2% cotton.

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