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Every month, BabyGro recommends a best seller for you to try. This month, Alanber Bath Floaty for easy bathing!

Alanber Bath Floaty


Upspring Walking Wings

The Walking Wings walking assistant helps baby balance naturally and builds confidence as he/she starts to take those first steps.  With Walking Wings baby will experience fewer falls making them less afraid of the process of learning to walk.

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Walking Wings is a unique padded support vest that securely fastens around the chest of the baby and has two adjustable straps for parents to hold while baby attempts those first steps.


Walking Wing is recommended for babies 6 months and older.  The soft padded support vest fastens around baby’s chest and has straps in front and behind the shoulders to help stabilize baby.  Handle straps easily adjust to accommodate parent, or caregiver’s height, allowing them to stand upright and reducing back strain as baby practices walking. Walking Wings is made of 100% cotton and machine washable.  Vest fits 10-25 inch chest circumference and comes in Blue or Pink.


Walking Wings was created by pediatricians and medical experts to help your baby safely learn to walk by balancing hands-free and experiencing fewer falls. Walking Wings eliminates the tugging and pulling on baby's arms which can result in Nursemaid's elbow - the most common orthopedic injury in children age 2.


Parents and caregivers benefit from Walking Wings by being able to better support baby while standing upright and not having to bend over for prolonged periods of time. Both parent and baby are more comfortable and confident as baby starts to take those magical first steps!

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