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Every month, BabyGro recommends a best seller for you to try. This month, Alanber Bath Floaty for easy bathing!

Alanber Bath Floaty


Simply Good Cozy Wrap

Nothing matches the special feeling of your baby snuggling close, enjoying your warmth and feeling secure. Cozy Wrap gives you that. It's easy to tie on, fully supports baby's head and neck, and keeps your hands free. Using Cozy Wrap will change your life.

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 Simply Practical - One type of tie allows you to carry your baby in four different positions. Baby feels hugged and secure while you're free to do anything. One size fits both moms and dads.

Simply Safe - The special tying technique enables you to hold your baby safely and securely against your body, while fully supporting the head and neck.

Simply Comfortable - Baby's weight is evenly distributed on your shoulders and back, for extended comfortable use. Carrying your baby is comfortable and easy.

Simply Healthy - The wrap provides significant support for the baby's head, in contrast to other baby wraps which all the head to fall backwards. In addition, the wrap fully supports the baby's entire body and stimulates proper hip joint development.

Simply 100% Quality - Cozy Wrap is made of high quality cotton with just enough elasticity (5% Spandex) for stretch. It's easy to wash too!

0-36 months. Please note designs are constantly changing. Please email us for the latest designs available.

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