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Every month, BabyGro recommends a best seller for you to try. This month, Alanber Bath Floaty for easy bathing!

Alanber Bath Floaty


Milkbands Nursing Bracelet View full size

Milkbands Nursing Bracelet

US Milkbands are the latest fashion statement and organiser for new mums. If you are breastfeeding and want to keep an accurate log of your baby's feeds without the hassle of a breastfeeding diary, safety pins, or bracelets being switched from side to side, then a Milkband or two are your must-have essentials!

The product incorporates many features including a side indicator and time-tracking device which can be used for many different purposes, including:

* record single feeding sessions to the nearest 5 minute increment;
* record multiple feeding sessions over a full day period;
* record the number of times your baby fed in one day;
* record the number of nappies soiled in one day;
* reminding the mother what time the baby last fed;
* reminding the mother what time the baby is due for another feed, etc